Thought of the Month
"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships."
- Michael Jordan

Expenses Not Covered by Homeowners Insurance

When you purchased your home, your lender likely required you to buy homeowners insurance. While the policy's terms will protect the holder of your mortgage note from a total financial loss if an unforeseen event destroys the residence, it doesn't always cover every expense–leaving you on the hook for more than you may realize... more

Top 5 Home Painting Tips

A fresh new coat of paint can transform a room... more

Frightening Facts about Retirement Savings

They're known as the 'Golden Years,' and we all look forward to them—those later years of life in which we can hang out on a beach, climb a mountain, explore a jungle, play bingo 24/7, or whatever else may strike the fancy of our aging hearts. But retirement doesn't free us from the need to buy groceries and pay bills—quite the opposite in fact. It takes a healthy portfolio of savings and investments to satisfy the mortgage company, the utilities companies and the refrigerator... more

Surprising Uses for Baking Soda

It's citrus-hued. It's emblazoned with a muscular arm holding a hammer. It's found in nearly every kitchen across the nation. That's right; it's baking soda. An excellent refrigerator and freezer deodorizer, this all-American household staple is good for so much more. Consider these surprising uses... more

Four Rules for Living the Good Life

What is your definition of 'the good life?' For some it means the closeness of friends and family, for others the opportunity to travel to far off places. It might mean an existence without worry, or one full of change and challenge. However, you choose to define it, here are four rules that will help you live your own 'good life' to its fullest... more

Take Action for Transformation

Professionals in the self-help industry—one which, according to Marketdata Enterprises, was worth a whopping $10 billion in 2018—talk a lot about the "power" of "positive thinking." If you want to improve your life, all you have to do is change how you think.... more

Five Productivity Apps to Organize Your Life

Life can get messy and busy, making staying on top of your to-do list a struggle. Its easy to feel as though you aren"t accomplishing anything if you"re having trouble keeping track of everything you need. Luckily, there are thousands of apps available for Apple and Android that can help you stay organized and increase your productivity. Here are some excellent options.... more

Gameday BBQ Ribs

You'll be the real winner when you serve these ribs... more

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