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Thought of the Month
"Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little."
- Edmund Burke

How Freezing Your Credit Will Affect Your House Hunt

Last summer's breach of the credit reporting company Equifax by hackers was a catastrophe for consumers. The most effective way to protect against identity theft is to freeze your credit with all three reporting agencies—Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The process can be conducted online at the websites of all the companies, and you can also do it by phone... more

Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Make your chore list easier and more manageable when you clean smarter, and not harder... more

5 Tips for Cutting Household Expenses

In the rush of the holidays, it's easy to overspend without thinking about it. But if you start planning now, you can hit the new year running with reduced household expenses—and it's not that difficult. Here are a few tips to claw back some of the money you're shelling out each month... more

Reminder: Depression Is a Serious Medical Condition

In the U.S., mental health issues are often stigmatized or wrongly regarded as a marker of weakness or bad character. Although the medical profession has raised awareness in recent decades that mood disorders are legitimate medical conditions with effective treatment options, many people live with untreated depression... more

How to Handle Getting Bumped From a Flight

These days, airlines tend to overbook most flights, which means passengers get bumped. Here are a few tips to avoid getting bumped, and to get back on track if you're unlucky... more

How to Diversify Your Portfolio

Putting all your savings into a single investment vehicle isn't sound investing—it's more like gambling on a single horse, and it brings to mind aphorisms about egg inventories and baskets. Spreading your investments across sectors, funds and other securities is not only safer, it's the guaranteed way to grow your wealth. Here are a few tips for diversifying your investment portfolio... more

Blocking Robocalls

Nuisance calls from automated telemarketing systems are a growing problem for consumers and the wireless industry alike. And statistics show that hanging up on a telemarketing call produces an average of two more calls later. Wireless telecoms block many of these calls, but the marketing companies have countered this with a variety of technological measures... more

Sage and Potato Gratin

The flavors in this side dish are sure to please a crowd for any gathering. It's the perfect dish for your next potluck, and very easy to prepare as well... more

This newsletter is compliments of:

John Doe
Branch Manager
Phone: 555-555-5555