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Thought of the Month
"All that I am, I am because of my mind."
- Paavo Nurmi

Researchers Find Unexpected Cause for Rise in Home Prices

Economics researchers at Queen Mary University of London have reported a surprising finding that housing prices are strongly influenced by grade inflation in schools. This unexpected connection is due to parents' extreme sensitivity to even the smallest perceived increases in scores at primary and secondary schools... more

Old Fashioned Cleaning Advice That Really Works

Hope you find these creative and simple suggestions helpful... more

This App Could Help You Pay Off Your Credit Cards

If you live and work centrally in a large city with good public transportation, selling your car is entirely realistic, and the biggest boost you can give your income. However, most people have lifestyles that require car ownership, with all of the associated fees and expenses. So here are a few money-saving tips for the driving majority... more

Fitness in Half the Time: High-Intensity Interval Training

One of the problems with establishing a consistent workout routine is that exercise can be time consuming. In recent years, researchers have found a way to sharply decrease the amount of time spent working out while receiving all of the same benefits—high intensity interval training (HIIT)... more

Where Are the Best U.S. Roller Coasters?

Roller coasters are the perfect combination of serious industrial machinery and high-adrenaline thrills. And the technology behind the design and execution of perfect coasters has never been better. Here are three of the best roller coasters in the U.S.... more

The Advantages of Immediate Annuities for Retirees

There are a number of reasons that you might have less-than-stellar credit, including divorce or personal bankruptcy. Re-establishing a good credit rating is possible, but it takes time. If you've been turned down for a standard credit card due to these or similar reasons, a secured credit card is an alternative that can eventually contribute to a higher credit score—if you pay your bills on time. There are advantages and disadvantages of secured cards that you'll want to consider... more

Tech Illiteracy is a Worse Problem Than Automation, Says Report

The digitalization of the workplace has completely remade the world economy, resulting in greater efficiency, record-high productivity and increased profits for companies. However, its impacts have not been entirely positive, and now, workers express anxiety about a future of automation in which nearly any job could be replaced by robotics technology or artificial intelligence... more

Slow Cooker Beef Stroganoff

There's nothing quite like having a helping hand with dinner after a long day. With a little prep work, your slow cooker can make dinner a snap, without resorting to fast food or eating out... more

This newsletter is compliments of:

John Doe
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Phone: 555-555-5555