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Thought of the Month
"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking."
- Marcus Aurelius

Look For These Red Flags When Buying a Home

We're all familiar with the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." But what if that lemon happens to be a home with serious defects? While 'lemon laws' protect consumers who buy defective goods, real estate is a different matter. If you purchase a property with serious defects, the onus of repair or replacement is on you... more

How to Get Rid of Mice and Keep Them Out

You're not the only one who thinks your home is cozy, warm and a great place to hang out. Fall is prime time for mice to gain entry into your home and set up shop. Here's what to do if you have them, and how to send them packing... more

How to Reward Yourself Responsibly

Everyone loves a little splurge every once and a while. Sometimes it's the small things, like Starbucks every day, and sometimes it's a new car. A good splurge here and there is fine, healthy even, as long as you are financially prepared to handle it. Here are some easy tips on how to reward yourself without breaking the bank... more

Pets Improve Heart Health

If you've been to a doctor in the last 20 years, you know that cutting back on sodium will lower your blood pressure and losing a few pounds can reduce your risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. But did you know that owning a pet might improve your heart health?... more

Making the Most of a Carry-On Bag

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, passengers flying U.S. airlines paid $4.57 million in baggage fees in 2017. Consider these tips to help you make the most of your carry-on luggage-saving money and avoiding the hassle of checking baggage at the same time... more

All That Glitters

When it comes to saving for retirement, it might start to feel a little overwhelming when you are reviewing your options. There are innumerable means to an end, and while you're certain that not all of them will be as effective as others, you might not be sure how to pick out the good from the bad. To name a few, there are various savings plans, then there is investing in the stock market, and lastly there is investing in gold... more

The Ugly Truth About the 'No Straw Challenge'

Matt Wilkins of Scientific American wrote an insightful article into the recycling debate called "More Recycling Won't Solve Plastic Pollution". While a bit of a downer of a title, it stands by a good point: America's tradition of rugged individualism isn't going to save us from the trash-pocalypse our oceans are facing... more

Creole Rice Skillet with Andouille Sausage

If you love spicy flavors but want dinner on the table in a flash, give this recipe a try. Customizing this dish for your family is as easy as it can be... more

This newsletter is compliments of:

Nathan Thomas
NMLS #: 242096
Phone: 575-258-1316