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Thought of the Month
"A leader is a dealer in hope."
- Napoleon Bonaparte

Don't Forget the Garage when Selling Your Home

It's common knowledge that selling a home for the best price possible requires careful preparation. The inside must appear clean and inviting, and the landscaping and exterior must be equally appealing. What many homeowners forget, however, is the need to ensure the garage looks fantastic as well. Some buyers consider it an important amenity when choosing a new home, so investing the time necessary to make sure your garage shines can be well worth the effort... more

Closet Organization

Chances are, your closet is full of items that no longer meet your needs. Whether it's shoes that pinch or a dress that's faded and worn, these tips and tricks can help you wrangle the hangers into a more useful and organized space... more

Break These Bad Money Habits Today

While bad habits may be hard to break, the benefits of doing so often outweigh the struggle involved. Give up smoking and add ten years to your life. Stop texting while driving and you'll be 23 times less likely to have an auto accident. Put a stop to these bad money habits and improve your financial health... more

Reasons to Ditch the Soda Habit

Fizzy and refreshing, soda is a tough temptation for most of us to resist. The average American consumes 45 gallons of soft drinks each year. That comes out to 480 12-ounce cans! While some choose diet soda varieties, others still consume sugar-sweetened versions with around 140 calories in a 12-ounce can. Unfortunately, researchers and nutritionists agree that drinking any soda regularly—diet or regular—may be extremely bad for your health... more

Guest Room Luxury

Making sure your guest room is as welcoming as your own bedroom is a simple way to show your guests how much you appreciate their visits. Consider these suggestions for creating an inviting space for your friends and family to rest and relax... more

Signs You Need More Free Time

Do you rush from one item on your to-do list to the next but accomplish very little? Do you find yourself easily distracted, forgetful or frantic? Do you tend to misplace your personal belongings and then find them in a strange place... more

Wearable Electronic Devices to Monitor Health

AtariWearable gadgets that monitor basic health information such as smartwatches and fitness trackers are incredibly popular. However, imagine having the ability to monitor a range of specific health related concerns anywhere you might be... more

Cocoa Gingerbread Cookies

This gingerbread recipe is simple and versatile. The cookies are a delicious treat... more

This newsletter is compliments of:

Nathan Thomas
NMLS #: 242096
Phone: 575-258-1316